Certainly! Here are some special functions and important improvements, including AI, in your iMEDDIC+ EMR system:

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Continuous Learning and Optimization your best plan

Continuous Learning and Optimization: iMEDDIC+ employs AI-driven continuous learning mechanisms to adapt and optimize its algorithms over time. By analyzing real-world data and user feedback, the system continually improves its predictive accuracy, decision support capabilities, and overall performance, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of clinical innovation.


EMR performance

Here are some special functions and important improvements, including AI, in your iMEDDIC+ EMR system

These special functions and AI-driven enhancements make iMEDDIC+ a powerful tool for healthcare providers, enabling them to deliver more personalized, efficient, and effective care to their patients while staying abreast of the latest advancements in medical technology.


Predictive Analytics for Disease Management

Utilizing AI and machine learning techniques, iMEDDIC+ can analyze large datasets to predict disease progression, identify at-risk patients, and recommend preventive interventions. This predictive analytics capability enables proactive disease management, early intervention, and improved patient outcomes.


AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support

iMEDDIC+ incorporates advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide clinical decision support to healthcare providers. This AI-driven feature analyzes patient data, medical literature, and best practices to offer personalized treatment recommendations, aiding in diagnosis accuracy and treatment planning.


Personalized Treatment Planning

The EMR system utilizes AI algorithms to generate personalized treatment plans for patients, considering their unique clinical characteristics, genetic makeup, treatment history, and preferences. This personalized approach to treatment planning improves therapeutic outcomes, minimizes adverse effects, and enhances patient satisfaction.


Image Recognition and Analysis

iMEDDIC+ incorporates image recognition algorithms to analyze medical images such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. This AI-driven image analysis assists radiologists and other healthcare professionals in detecting abnormalities, diagnosing conditions, and interpreting imaging studies with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Our Clients


Mary Martini

Oasis Vitality Medical Center - USA
Implementing the EMR system in our clinic has been a game-changer! It's like having a virtual assistant that never sleeps. The AI-powered clinical decision support has significantly improved our diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning. Plus, the seamless integration with our telemedicine platform has made remote consultations a breeze. Our patients love the convenience, and I love the efficiency. Thank you for revolutionizing our practice!

Jesus Arrieta

Senior Manager - Chile
've been a patient at this clinic for years, and the introduction of the EMR system has truly elevated the quality of care I receive. The patient portal makes it easy for me to access my medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with my healthcare provider. I appreciate how the system's AI capabilities help my doctor make more informed decisions about my treatment, and the virtual health assistant has been incredibly helpful in answering my health-related questions outside of office hours. Kudos to the team for putting patient needs first!

Jacob Leonardo

Consultor EMR Solution - Spain
As a practice manager, my top priority is ensuring smooth operations and excellent patient care. The iMEDDIC+ EMR system has exceeded my expectations on both fronts. The intuitive interface and workflow optimization tools have streamlined our documentation processes, reducing administrative burden and allowing our staff to focus more on patient interactions. The predictive analytics feature has been instrumental in identifying at-risk patients early on, enabling us to intervene proactively. I can't imagine running our clinic without it!
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